Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool
Holidays/Special Events:

Halloween Party
Children are encouraged to have fun and celebrate Halloween by coming to school dressed in a Halloween Costume! Families and children are invited to celebrate this fun and exciting holiday-fun food, decorations and a great Halloween spirit ensures that fun is had by all! Costumes are always unique and fun!
Christmas Party/Holiday Party
Christmas is a magical time of the year and the children at Jardin d'efants Beechwood Preschool like to celebrate with their friends and family! The children perform in a Christmas show for their family and there is even a fun visit from Santa Claus! Each child receives a special gift!
Valentine's Day
Our Valentine's Week includes stories and activities that revolve around family, love, caring, sharing and taking care of one another! Children are encouraged to dress in RED, PINK, and PURPLE throughout the week. They make special Valentine's Day cards and also receive a special treat on February 14th!
It is always with a heavy heart that we celebrate this occasion for our Pre-Kindergarten children. The graduation always symbolizes growth, change and excitement mixed with sadness that they must bid farewell to their friends! Each child prepares for a Graduation Concert and will receive a certificate along with a backpack with Kindergarten school supplies!