Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool

The Children will learn Foundation Skills to better prepare them for Kindergarten! Learning these skills will facilitate the transition into Kindergarten!

Pre-Math-Colors, numbers, shape and so forth. Pre-Printing-Writing their own name, cutting skills, tearing and so forth. Pre-Reading-Letter Recognition, Introduction to initial letter sounds and so forth.

Learning these skills will help your child develop their Social/Emotional Skills, Physical/Motor Skills, Language/Communication Skills and their Creative skills! At Jardin D'Enfants Beechwood Preschool, we believe in offering a well rounded French Immersion Educational Program by always engaging and challenging your child. Your child will also learn to follow class routines and to listen and learn in a structured classroom setting.

As mentioned above, all of these things will be taught in a fun and creative way in order to captivate their attention! This will maximize their learning experience!
4 and 5 year old (Lions)
Kindergarten Readiness French Immersion Program