Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool

Here, at Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool, we are aware that it may be your first time registering your child in a structured classroom program. Since it is a "Slow Separation Program", you may attend with your child for the first few days or weeks until it is felt that your child is able to join their friends on their own. Our educators will provide the support, care and understanding needed to help facilitate this transition for you and your child. If the educator feels that your child is ready to separate and join their friends on their own they will always let you know. Through having fun, playing games and exploring exciting educational toys, your child will learn to look forward to the "routine" and soon enough they will run in and join the "fun" all of the time! If you feel that your child is ready to be on their own from the beginning then feel free to let your child's teacher know. We are happy to work with every family to ensure that your child has a fun and exciting "First School Experience"!

The 2 year olds will also follow the typical Preschool Themes and learn basic French Vocabulary related to the themes. These toddlers will also be introduced to the alphabet, numbers and counting and colors through games, songs, story time and arts & crafts. The 2 year old class will have fun exploring and learning new things each day! They will begin developing first friendships and learn through play!
The Bunnies (2 year old group-Slow Separation)