Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool
Your child can take part in the French programming for children 2 - 5 years old!

There are 3 groups:

The Bunnies (2 year old group-Slow Separation)
The Pandas (3 year old group)
The Lions (4 and 5 year old group)
For all children in the school, French will be taught 5 mornings per week where they will "Learn through Play". Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preshool follows the popular Preschool themes introducing French Vocabulary Skills and short sentences and so much more! Through various methods such as "Circle Time", songs, arts & crafts, cooperative games, science, scavenger hunts and stencils they will be exposed to "French" throughout the lessons each day!

This French Immersion Program is great for all children, but may be of particular interest to Anglophone children, immigrant children who want to learn the French language, kids who are preparing to enter French Schools and shy children, who would benefit by being in a fun and socially stimulating environment!

Classroom Area

Free-Play is a time when your child can explore, discover and try new things! They may try these things on their own or decide that they want to play with their friends, practising turn-taking and sharing! "Free-Play" is a very important time-a time of self-discovery and imagination too!

Classes are set up so that your child can learn, explore and discover new things through "play". Each day new toys are put out to spark your child's imagination! A sand table, water table, puzzles, peg boards, "open" art table/ "fine motor"table, blockbuilding are to name but a few of the things that they will explore during "Free-Play". There is also a dress-up corner, kitchen and doll corner and so much more! These things promote imaginary play!
Jardin D'enfants Beechwood Preschool will offer a: